Moment Living


What if this moment - this VERY moment could be a holy moment?

Well, according to God’s Word, it can be. Because His children are indwelt with His spirit, we have the capability of turning each second into a worship experience. When I really stop to think about that, the possibility staggers me.  That means every diddly-squat, uneventful, mundane instant can be turned into a glorious second of worship.

I remember first realizing this holy opportunity many years ago as I was retrieving annoying mismatched socks from the clothes dryer. The recent discovery I’d found in Colossians 3:23 all of a sudden sprang to life in my brain, and my heart followed. . . 

Whatever you do – whatever your task may be – work from the soul (that is, put in your very best effort), as something done for the Lord and not for men.

(Amplified Bible)

As the rest of Colossians 3 explains, it is the Lord whom we actually serve, not men. Therefore our reward is from Him. No matter what the moment produces in any given second of the day, we are able to turn our thoughts to Him, offering an intentional heart of worship. THAT pleases God, and it surely does slash my stress level!

Any new truth revealed comes with opportunity to practice it. Now’s the moment, THE HOLY MOMENT, to move from theory into real life experience. It happened for me as I was fuming over those contrary socks, and it can happen for you . . . well, RIGHT NOW!

If someone is annoying you . . Lord I respond with Your love and I worship You in this moment.

If frustrations are mounting . . . Father, here and right now, I lift my hands to You in worship and praise.

If waiting is becoming unbearable . . . Lord, I turn each moment I wait – each one of them, into praise and adoration. 

If negative memories of the past resurface . . . Father, thank You that I live in the NOW. I praise You in my forgiven state and love You for cleansing me.

In any moment . . . I worship You Lord Jesus, that You hear me and love me and accept my heart of praise – even when I don’t feel like praising.

Now my friend, may The Father encourage your heart and multiply your moments of holiness in Him.  Amen.

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