Behaving in Truth


Yet another LIFE LESSON unfolded as I pulled into the driveway with four-year old Ruby and two-year old Presley behind me in their car seats.

Opening the door beside Presley’s seat, I noticed Ruby standing on the floor beside her. She was calm and not one bit agitated as Presley struggled to get loose and climb out. I commented on her kindness to which she remarked . . .

The Bible says to let others go first.

There it was. Scriptural truth stated and followed without hesitation. In other words . . .


Okay, let’s bring it on home. Do you believe what Truth says? And if you do, are you behaving as if you believe it?

Example: Jesus plainly states in Matthew 6, Do not worry about your life, and don’t worry about tomorrow. 

Do you believe that Jesus, Son of God stated those words to YOU, His son or daughter? And are YOU behaving as if you believe?

I see three elements needed here, for spiritual victory to Behave in Truth.

Revelation. God by His Spirit living inside of each Believer reveals a truth specifically designed for our circumstance of the moment . . . Do not worry.

Belief. The Believer experiences the revelation, and then accepts it as Truth spoken. . .

Yes, God is telling me not to worry. He’s got this.

Behavior. I then behave as if I truly believe that I have received a message from Him about my circumstance. . . I am joyful about God being in control of my life, and keeping positive – whether my circumstance changes or not.

In other words, I behave by looking like I believe, and talking like I believe. I behave by focusing on scripture and worshiping God. This encourages my belief in Him and what He says. 

The goal is to take every single truth in God’s Word and act upon it without hesitation. His Truths cover. . . emotions, finances, relationships, priorities, goals, and etc. He has SOMETHING to say about every detail of our lives.

As I consider those “earthly things” that have a hold on me right now, I’m seeing Ruby standing quietly, patiently, and joyfully in THE TRUTH – as she BEHAVES accordingly.

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (John 8:32 HCSB)