Jumping Into Faith

It’s crazy to think that she would even do it, but she did – she really did it!

Three year old Lily laid her eyes on that high-diving-board, and then on her daddy who was in the water below waiting for her to take the plunge. She climbed the ladder, hoofed it to the end of the board – and jumped!

Not one person watching that day would have blamed her for deciding to wait until she was bigger, stronger, and more capable to take that leap. BUT NO! With childlike faith, fortitude, and trust, she focused on her daddy and then jumped straight into His arms.

That’s what I love about children. Their faith is remarkable and the way they trust is inspiring. No wonder we hear these words from Jesus as He embraced them on this earth:

Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.  (Matthew 19:14 NIV)

God wants you to have this kind of faith. Do you? You have to un-do what the world has done to you, becoming like a little child again – trusting, believing, and moving forward . . . 

Are you swimming in discouragement? Jump out of it into your Father’s arms!

Hanging onto guilt? Leave it behind and plunge into His forgiveness!

Do anxiety and worry consume you? There’s safety in taking the plunge of faith into God’s Love and Peace!

I can’t tell you how to do it. I can only say it’s possible because I’ve jumped lots of times. I’ve simply shut down to the world and sprung into my Father’s love.

Now, the world calls it crazy when you hope when life is in shambles. The world understands and in facts encourages retribution and doing whatever it takes to make you feel better. There are worldly answers waiting when you fall into despair and depression. But thankfully we are not of this world. Oh yeah, we live in it, but do not belong to it. There’s a Greater and Higher calling on our life.

I have some things on my mind, and I hear the WORLD shouting. But right now, I’m closing my ears and honing my focus. I’m stirring up faith, fortitude, and trust, for I hear my Daddy saying . . . Jump child, jump!

And during the leap I’m celebrating because I know I’m delighting the Heart of God.

I’m whistling, laughing and jumping (with) joy. I’m singing Your song High God.

(Psalm 9:2 MSG)