God Always Wins



Last week I took my seven year old grandson Durham, to experience Liberty Mountain in downtown Kings Mountain. This Revolutionary Drama, written by novelist Bob Inman is the story of the strong-willed and resourceful people who settled in the Carolinas – fighting for freedom and independence from Great Britain. Toward the end, as Major Patrick Ferguson and his men prepared to take on the militiamen during the battle that has been cited as the turning point of the American Revolution, Durham leaned in and whispered to me . . .

I know who’s going to win, because God is on their side – and God always wins His battles.

Yep, another poignant reminder from the “mouth of a babe”.  God is on my side, fighting my battles, and He always wins!

Friend, do you sometimes work harder at fighting, than trusting? Oh, I do. And Durham’s insight drew me to a scene that unfolds in Exodus 14.

God in His holy strategy had orchestrated a battle plan for the Israelites that would make Pharaoh think they were confused and an easy prey for capture. They had escaped this king of Egypt and God was certainly on their side. However, as Moses and those in his charge carried out God’s instructions, the Israelites became terrified. In the midst of their God-given advantage, they chose to focus on their circumstances – only seeing the immediate danger of the approaching Egyptian army heading their way. And what did Moses say to them?

The LORD will fight for you. You just keep still. (Exodus 14:14 CEB)

I needed this reminder today; how ‘bout you? Earthly living is a battle. Even at its best, earth-living becomes a battle-ground for body and soul. When I focus on my circumstances instead of focusing on my God, I think I’m going to lose.

But I have a choice. Instead of being consumed and taken under by emotional and mental strain, I can choose to train myself to trust, being still in my God Who has already won the battle!

Here you go, the Holy Reminder put before you . . .

God’s children are going to win. In the end, the victory is ours. God is on our side, and He always ALWAYS wins His battles!

But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place.

 (2 Corinthians 2:14 NASB)