This morning as I sat hurting over the pain a loved one was experiencing, the thought came . . . I need to “do something” to get my mind on something else so I won’t hurt so deeply. Then, almost simultaneously I sensed . . . 

Don’t run in another direction to ease your pain, masking your hurt. Run to Me instead. I am your RUN-TO when pain hits.

Immediately I recognized His Voice and knew that running to Him was the only thing I wanted to do.

Have you ever experienced something similar? It’s a human-nature defense strategy to run “somewhere” to ease pain, and get your mind off your suffering. People have run to: food, exercise, shopping, reading, FB and social media, alcohol and drugs, other people, and a variety of other places.

Truth shouted to me this morning, and I pray it will also shout to you.

There’s only one safe place to run with your pain . . . and that place is Jesus!

He’s not only the safest place, but the place where you will find solace, company, and encouragement. On earth, He was 100% God, 100% human. And in that humanity, He knew the depths of pain. And He, with His full knowledge is The One to bring comfort, hope, and restoration to the hurting heart.

Now there’s nothing wrong with “getting up and at it”.  You know - getting busy with the things that must be done, instead of allowing your hurt to swallow you whole and make you lifeless and useless. Plus, a good healthy distraction from your pain will keep you from going under. But we must never let our “run-to” become our crutch for dealing.

By turning first to your Heavenly Father, your hurt and helplessness will find a place to “settle in”. As you and He talk over the situation, you’ll become more centered in His thoughts and His loving care for you. As your Father, He will encourage you and remind you of truths you need to hear. And then as you busy yourself, it won’t be because you are trying to escape – but because you’ve left your heart’s burden with The Capable One, The Perfect One . . . and He is sharing your pain.

“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18 NIV)

Father, may Your Heart always be the first place we run when shock, pain, and suffering hit. Kind, loving Lord, please comfort Your children in the way that only You can do. May those who hurt now receive Your love in a fresh way. Amen.