A Word From God

It’s so encouraging and exciting to experience a word from God. You know – not in that audible voice (oh, but that would be so cool), but in that unique GOD WAY when you know that you know He has spoken.

For instance, I remember sitting at my kitchen table one day pouring out my heart to Him. I was in one of those deep valley places. As I cried and considered my circumstances, a message exploded from somewhere deep inside of me…

What if the worst thing that ever happened to you, is actually the best thing?

Now I can tell you, that thought was certainly not crafted in my wishful thinking or imagination. It was straight from the heart of God, Who had plans that far exceeded the pain that had swallowed me.

Maybe you need a reminder that God loves you and is speaking to you. He wants you to hear His voice so that together you may share in the delights of His love. He’s longing for you to invite Him into your daily life, allowing Him to be a part of everything that goes on during your busy day.

And where do you hear that unmistakable Voice?
Through reading His Word, in biblical counsel from others, music, and daily life experiences.

Is there a time you knew that you knew God had spoken?


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