I’ve thought a lot about joy lately, how to share it and how to keep it stirred up inside of me. Thinking about bringing joy to God has encouraged me to behave in ways I know would please Him. I love a challenge, and especially one that makes me a better person.

I also love TEAMWORK. That’s why I’m tossing this challenge right back to YOU. Below you’ll find the steps for joining in. I hope you’ll embrace this little summons to joy, allowing it to attack some negative thinking (at least for a day, maybe longer).


1. Determine to be a more joyful person.
Prayerfully making this commitment before your Father Who knows your heart, will keep you at it. He will guide and help you in any decision you make that honors Him.

2. For one entire day, take a FAST on negative thinking and speaking.This may seem easy; may seem that “only a day” is no challenge at all. You just might be surprised at how much negative thinking is the norm for you. Negativism has a way of sliding in and disguising itself as… Oh, I’m just being realistic – OR - I’m just sharing so we can pray over him/her, etc. (You get the picture, right?)

3. Describe one of your FASTING experiences in the comment section below.After you’ve given it a try for a day, share some thoughts. Were you surprised at the negative thinking coming your way? Comparing notes and encouraging each other toward right thinking, will help us keep at it. “And let us consider how we may spur one another on . . .” Hebrews 10:24

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