Does It Bring You Joy?


That’s the question my Lily asked me as she stood at the kitchen sink washing dishes in the delightful way that only a three year old can do.

She was so eager to please and so thrilled at this Gigi’s response of delight to her inquiry. 

Of course you bring me joy!

Now actually, I was not “overcome with joy” by the water splashed all over the counters, cabinets, and floor – but was absolutely ravished by her longing to make me happy.

This experience with one I love with all my heart, brought me to a new understanding of my Father’s Heart and the relationship we share.  When I long to please Him, it brings Him joy. Even if I make a mess on the outside, He is ravished by the intent of my heart to please Him.

Does it bring You Joy, Lord . . . is now a frequent whisper to Him as I respond with His love when I’d rather being doing things my way.

Each time I’m faced with one of those personal and private issues of responding my way or His . . . I’m moving more quickly into what I know His response would be, and all because of the longing to bring JOY to His Heart.

And today as opportunity presented itself once again for me to practice His love, I asked – Does my response bring You joy Lord?

Then in that quiet still place deep in my heart I heard . . .

Of course you bring me joy!

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