That’s been the war whoop for more than thirty years, between my friend Micki and me.

Life’s hard and we need praying friends to help us navigate those turbulent waters that the enemy keeps rockin ‘n rollin inside our minds and emotions. Micki and I discovered years ago, that when we issued the battle cry – one to the other, it was a triple onslaught against the enemy, with CHRIST leading us in the skirmish.

Back before texting and facebook – even before cell-phones and computers, Micki and I would leave the HIT THE KNEES alert on each other’s answering machine. If I got caught off guard and needed immediate prayer, I’d call. If she experienced an onslaught of fiery darts, she’d call. We always understood what it meant to HIT THE KNEES on each other’s behalf.

Now, years later, we’re still at it. Today, the cry is delivered usually, through a TEXT. Times have changed, and technology has exploded – but God’s Truth remains unchanged . . . when we HIT THE KNEES, He responds.

It brings a smile thinking about the discussion in a dear ladies Bible study class last week. I’d made the comment as I’d spoken to them earlier . . .

First thing in the morning, somewhere between my bedroom and the kitchen, I drop to my knees.

Now for most of the gals in that class, that KNEE-DROPPING was a real challenge. And, I can truly say that for me, it’s not quite as easy to position myself there as it used to be either. And when I “park there”, it’s also not quite as easy to get up as it used to be.

Ya know what? That’s quite ok! In fact, my Aunt Margaret reminds me that you can bow down in your spirit, while your body is quite upright. (Thank you Aunt Margaret)

So how ‘bout it girls! Are you up for the challenge of grabbin’ a girlfriend, and together tackling ol’ slewfoot as he messes with YOU, God’s child? We live in a day when we need to bolster our support in fighting the distractions and lies of the enemy.

You can do this. You need to do this. We need all the help we can get, so grab a friend and . . . HIT THE KNEES!

Therefore, strengthen the hands that are weak and the knees that are feeble.

(Hebrews 12:12)