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I’ve dealt with bouts of physical pain throughout the years. Jaws, neck, and knees with their respective surgeries have each given me practice and NEW FOCUS into dealing with pain.

During each of those seasons I discovered that “pressing into the pain” actually became the catalyst to jumpstart relief. It may work differently for others, but as I sunk into the agony and allowed myself to experience it at its worst, I soon realized there was nowhere to go except UP! It’s as if I allowed myself to rebound off the bottom and hold on to the hope that freedom from pain would eventually be realized.

I’ve transferred this practice to my seasons of WAITING.

For most people waiting is difficult, and depending upon its duration, it can be sheer agony. We live in a fast paced world that values quick decision making and speedy resolution to problems. In short . . .

We don’t know how to wait, and we simply don’t see the value of it.

But God does!

He uses waiting to slow us down, humble us, and teach us how to depend upon Him.

So what’s my WAITING M.O.?

I sink into the pain of it, all the while talking to God and describing every ounce of my angst. I welcome His quick answer, but lean into what I know He’s trying to teach me during the process of waiting on Him.

As my friend Pam commented yesterday…

The very process of waiting means there’s an outcome, a light at the end of the tunnel!

And Friend when you belong to God, that “light of an outcome” is His promise for you.

Can you trust Him enough to value the waiting time? Can you simply rebound off the angst of the unknown, allowing Him to lift you into His certainty of your future in Him?

Let’s do it together, just like the psalmist . . .

 I wait patiently for the LORD, my soul expectantly waits, and in His word do I hope. (Psalm 130:5 Amplified Bible)

And AMEN to that!