God Has No Plan B


There have been times when, without warning or announcement, my plan was abruptly halted – forcing me to move with Plan B.

I see this phenomenon most often presenting itself in the form of “interruptions to my schedule”. Now truly, a lot of these occurrences are little things in the whole scheme of life. But honestly, don’t these interruptions have a way of driving you berserk?

They’re  just LIFE THINGS, living on the 21st Century fast-track things. I believe that God uses these “little things” to remind me that He is ultimately in control of my schedule and my circumstances.

By nature, I’m an organizer. When I organize, it puts me in control of schedule, my circumstances, my day . . . at least that’s the plan. So when things don’t go according to my organizational system, I get a little miffed. And when things get turned completely upside down (which happens quite often), I can get really stressed. The bottom line here; I like to be in control!

So what’s a control person like me – maybe YOU, to do?

Give these tendencies to the Lord! Ask Him to help you turn to Him in ordering the events of your day. Now, that’s not to say you don’t make lists and you don’t plan. It’s just a reminder that there will be plenty of times when your plans get annihilated -  and you don’t have to get carried off with the debris when that happens.

Your God is in control.

He wants you to rest in the security of His presence instead of the security of your plans. Spending time worshiping my Lord and meditating on Scripture is helping me flow in the lifestyle of experiencing the presence of God during the ins and outs of my day. Now, when the unexpected happens (which is expected), I’m learning to relax in Him and move in His spiritual flow, so to speak.

Honestly, most of life is just not worth freaking out over. And besides –freaking out doesn’t do one thing to help me regain the control that I lost.

The LORD works out everything to its proper end. (Proverbs 16:4)

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