Got Scripture?



3 file folders where people place their thoughts regarding memorizing scripture:


File #1   Can’t Memorize


File #2   Not Important


File #3   Working On It


Which file’s active for YOU?  If you’re like many I’ve come in contact with recently, you’re thinking you have some sort of defective gene in the scripture memory department, which leads you to eventually just dismiss even trying.

Let me share my most efficient technique – the one that has helped me consistently deposit scripture into my heart and mind – and KEEP it there:


I take a phrase at a time - mulling it over for a couple of days and                   applying it personally to what’s going on with me.

i.e. When I am afraid, I put my trust in You. Psalm 56:3

Grasping that first phrase, When I am afraid, I talk to the Lord about it during the day and even when I wake up during the night.

“Lord I’m afraid about this commitment I’ve made; it makes me nervous and consumes me with dread and anxiety…”

After a day or two of saturating that phrase in my mind and heart, I continue on with the next one.

“I’m trusting You Father, for You and You alone will help me do this thing . . . “

The scripture gradually becomes a part of me because I’ve “owned it”, making it personal and active in my life and in my conversation with the Lord throughout the day.


My method, although not elaborate, has always worked for me. I write the scripture on an index card and carry it with me wherever I go. Side note; it’s impossible to be impatient while standing in a checkout line, sitting in a waiting room or being stuck in traffic . . . when you’re focused on that scripture in your hand.

 .    .    .    .

For many years, my thinking about scripture memory was not an active part of my life – jumping between File Folders #1 and #2.

But when I became determined enough to not stop trying to memorize, something glorious happened. My persistence and discipline were rewarded with an increasing ability to commit scripture passages to my heart and apply them to my daily walk.

You can do it too, my friend. I’m reminded of the words of our Lord when He said . . .

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

Don’t let that ol’ devil rob you of the richness of God’s Word in your life, by making you think scripture memory is unimportant or impossible for you. Push on through and experience the fullness of Jesus in His Word.

You can choose right now to move your thinking about scripture memory to File #3. Honestly, when you do that, it’s Life Changing!

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