I’d be quick to tell you I’d been forgiven of my sin – all of it. But in reality, through the years I’ve lived much of my life as a skeptic.

I’ve sung about the power in the Blood without comprehending its significance. I’ve intellectually accepted the fact of the forgiveness of my sins, but I’ve not mostly lived in freedom from the burden of sin. Seems I just couldn’t quite get in the flow of accepting His tremendous sacrifice for what it was – freedom and rest.

Even though I know that Jesus has penetrated straight into the mass of sin in my life, there are days I simply refuse to release sin’s grip over my soul. My emotions remain knotted and gnarled because I refuse to release them into the heart of God who has given His life so that I may live in the freedom of forgiveness, for which He paid so dearly.

Satan loves to torment God’s children. He’s drawing you into his trap if you continually allow yourself to dwell on and think about how badly you’ve messed up. He knows the truth, though – the truth that Jesus came not only to take away your sin, but to relieve you from the burden of it. If you want to walk victoriously with God, then you must accept the freedom that is yours through the removal of sin, along with the removal of the guilt that accompanies it.

But you can’t do it on your own. You’re not equipped. No amount of determination or self-will will make that happen. You can have victory, however, over the evil schemes of Satan. There’s absolutely no reason for a child of God to live under a cloud of guilt. It’s not scriptural to do so.


You are living in New Covenant times. This Covenant is sealed with Christ’s own Blood. With the removal of sin, you’re free to talk to God and enjoy His presence. A lifestyle of joy,freed from harassment of sin and its accompanying guilt is yours through your relationship with Jesus, The Christ.

Freedom is yours – freedom from sin and from sin’s burden!

Christ has set us free for freedom. Therefore, stand firm and don’t submit to the bondage of slavery again.  (Galatians 5:1 CEB)

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